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This is a short (5min) game experience built to improve my skills in Unreal and to demonstrate some of my Level Design Capabilities. This level is designed to be an immersive 3D shooter experience, though this first demo lacks any combat.

Almost the entire level is created with free and premade content, from either the Unreal Asset Store, Free3D.com, or FreeSounds.org.
I intentionally wanted to build a project with premade assets that were not made together to demonstrate my ability to create within constraints and to design without the ability to request additional content. I did however program a majority of the scripting within the level and implemented all effects myself.
If you are interested in my work, my other projects are created with art specifically made for those projects. You can find them here: https://myfirstnamejake.wixsite.com/jackalopegames

This project is still in progress, so any feedback is appreciated! Thank you for checking out my work.


PracticeProjectMain.zip 994 MB

Install instructions

  1. Click Download Button
  2. Once download is complete, locate zipped folder and extract project
  3. Open extracted folder and find Unreal Icon with game name. Double click it

*Only Windows 64-bit is supported

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