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This is a game jam game created in a shorter jam at the Academy of interactive Entertainment in Seattle! This was a bonding experience between classes and courses of students before our Christmas break. This game is many of our first legitimately completed concept within a Game Jam and we hope you enjoy. The premise is that you are an old man who had a park built around his house. You must "Remove" the kids before they get too loud and awaken your angry wife. Survive until night time and they will go home. This game was created by the band known as the AIE misfits. The AIE misfits consist of Jacob Nowak, Seth Rivera, Alli Phillips, Dameco Jackson, Jonah Scanzon,  and Jesse Simurdak. Things were done in very quick ways due to our time constraints but as a whole we had a good time and are happy with the finished kid yeeting simulator. By the way the kids names are Chonk, Lavender, Gucci, and Red.


gamejam.zip 21 MB

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